Edgebanding Machines from Donald Fuchs Machinery

Edgebanders are for applying edges to boards, panels or even doors. An edge bander can be used to apply thin tape, wood tape, thick PVC or solid wood lippings to panel edges. Our edgebander range covers the full spectrum of edge banding production to cater for all applications and budgets. We have long specialised in used edge banders and edgebanding machines. It is important to choose the right edgebander for the right application.


For advice on New and Second-hand Edgebanders or if there is an edgebander you want or contact us and we will gladly assist.


Used Edge Banders

Donald Fuchs Machinery offer a wide range of second-hand edgebanders and edgebanding machines for edging panels with thin tape, PVC or solid wood lippings for fire doors. With decades of experience, we’re specialists in woodworking machinery.