Cardboard-box closing machine PAQTEQ S-200

Perfect packing – fully automatic

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The PAQTEQ S-200 safely and economically closes completely packed cardboard boxes in a fully automatic way. The result is a cleanly closed cardboard box, which optimally protects products during transport. Whether batch size 1 or serial production, whether stand-alone operation or integrated in a complex packing line – the cardboard-box closing machine flexibly adjusts to your requirements and demands.
(Cardboard-box closing machine VKV 710)

Consistently high packaging quality by sealing the cardboard boxes using hot-melt
Flat packaging from minimum box height 22 mm
Can work in stand-alone operation as well as being integrated into packaging lines
Best suited for series operation, small lots up to batch size 1

Technology Highlights
Automatic cardboard box measuring at the infeed, no data input required even by using boxes with different sizes
Closing mechanisms adjust quickly and fully automatically to the size of the specific cardboard box
High performance, up to 10 cardboard boxes/min in series production
woodBase reference number management
Savings of up to 85 % thanks to hot-melt technology (compared to using adhesive tape)
Savings of up to 40 % in cardboard consumption thanks to the usage of side-closing packing designs