Cardboard-box cutting machine PAQTEQ C-200

Accurately fitting packages, tightly calculated

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Produce with your cardboard-box cutting machine PAQTEQ C-200 an individual packaging for each product, with maximum product protection, just-in-time, cost-efficient and sustainable. Where today still packaging is stored tomorrow already revenues may be produced. So, the times of pre-assembled cardboards, that often do not fit correctly, have passed.
(Cardboard-box cutting machine VKS 200)

Produces tailored packaging, always in the optimum size and in the specifically required quantity
Customized packaging ensures for best product protection, thus minimizes transport damage
Demand for packaging and filling materials is significantly reduced
Storage and logistics costs are significantly reduced
Simple and intuitive operation thanks to powerTouch and intelliCut software control

Technology Highlights
Combination cardboard feeder for single sheets or endless cardboard
2 cardboard stacks possible, that may vary in width and cardboard quality
Flexible tools for cutting, grooving and perforating of cardboards automatically during throughput
Cutting tools are set fast, automatically and are able to produce nearly each kind of cut from batch size 1
Automatic manufacture of the cardboards according to the production lists, already available in Process costs in the packaging area reduced by up to 35%