CENTATEQ T-Serie processing centers

Synchronous or parallel processing on two processing tables

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Maximum output in CNC processing thanks to two processing tables and a combination of different operating modes. As far as application options and diversity of configuration are concerned, the CENTATEQ T-Serie series offers you maximum freedom to make your industrial production highly efficient. Do you want automated production with gantry or robot feed? Then you are in the right place here.
(BOF 600/700 processing centers)

Knowledge and experience gained from over 50 years constructing machines
Quickly switch between units when machining on the same table by mounting up to four processing units
Two machines in one: processing different workpieces on your tables
Ideal for automated solutions with gantry and robot feeding
Virtually no limits to the machine configuration

Technology Highlights
Scalable performance — configure your new machine with up to three independent processing supports and up to four processing spindles
Benefit from the possibilities of the two processing tables to optimize your production: 
- Combine both tables for highly dynamic processing of large workpieces 
- Shuttle machining: While one table is used for processing, a new unprocessed part can be placed on the other 
- Synchronized processing: Multiple identical workpieces are processed simultaneously
- Independent operation: Different workpieces are processed on each table
Damage to the trimming spindles is avoided thanks to the regulated main spindle with electronic speed monitoring including vibration sensors 
Drill change without tools thanks to high-speed drill technology with patented quick-change system
Console table, automatic setup A-table or aluminum grid table — choose the right processing tables for you
Proven unit technology from the industrial company with diverse solutions