CNC Gantry-Processing Center Vantage 100

The compact nesting machine in gantry design

Our nesting machines enable cutting-optimized processing and dividing of plate-shaped materials. We divide the typical nesting areas into four areas. The carcass production, the dividing and refining of furniture fronts, the processing of frame furniture as well as the very interesting possibilities for “advances materials” (e.g. plexiglass, aluminium, alucobond). Various possibilities for the automation of the material handling ensure a high time saving and an even more effective work.

  • The whole working field is reachable with all processing tools
  • Electronic surveillence of all stops

    Efficient use of energy through high vacuum performances and simultaneously minor power consumption

  • 12 HP (9 kW) HSK routing spindle (optionally: 16 HP (12 kW))

  • Tool changing system with 7 to 12 places depending on working field size
  • Software bundle for machine and PC (option)