Double-End Tenoner TENONTEQ D-600: for manufacturing doors, fronts and panels

Two throughfeeds – longitudinal and crosswise – process the four sides of your workpieces

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Angle cuts, sizing, profiling, rabbeting and grooving: The double-end profiler offers a range of different capabilities, as well as being a robust and reliable machine that can deliver precisely finished workpieces in large quantities. You can massively increase your production capacity with two machines in sequence.
(Double-End Tenoner FPL 520: for manufacturing doors, fronts and panels)

Excellent processing accuracy thanks to stop cams that transport the workpieces with a high level of angular precision during the cross processing run
Even profiled or soft-formed parts can be transported securely and carefully through the machine via cams
Adjustable cams offer great flexibility; even infinitely variable cams are available on request
Short setup times thanks to automatic adjustment of the units

Technology Highlights
Scoring and chipping unit for tear-free processing of coated surfaces or clean cross processing of veneered parts and solid wood
SF20 standard trimming unit for precise trimming of grooves and rabbets within the machines without the need for an additional processing step
PS10 profile sanding unit for sanding profiles and straight edges with a large belt length, two belt speeds, swivel range of 30° upwards and 45° downwards