Double-End Tenoner TENONTEQ S/D-800: for furniture and component production

Single-sided and double-sided power machines for specialized requirements

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Whether you are processing large or small quantities, completing profiling work on panels, completing inner or outer profiling work, or using wood or alternative materials, these double-end profilers are extremely flexible. Choose the units for your individual needs from our tried-and-tested range of modules. The tools are quick and easy to change and we can tailor the associated automation concept to your requirements.
(Double-End Tenoner FPL 600: for furniture and component production)

Wide range of uses: parallel cuts, angle cuts and beveled cuts, dimensioning, profiling, rabbeting, grooving, corner and contour processing
High processing precision and repeat accuracy
Wide range of materials
Excellent availability thanks to the robust, low-wear technology

Technology Highlights
SF30 standard trimming unit for trimming, rabbeting, profiling etc., electro-pneumatic control system, swivel range of 90°
SF62 trimming unit with an automatic 8-slot tool changer
Compact double chipping unit for tear-free processing of veneered or plastic-coated panels
KS10 belt sanding unit for sanding straight veneered and solid wood edges
Central cutting equipment for separating and grooving workpieces between the chain tracks
CF technology enables processing of rounded or cambered shapes or profiled parts on framed doors and panel doors