Edge banding and combination machines EDGETEQ S-810: Individual equipment configuration

Delivering accurate processing and the perfect aesthetic in combination with any edging material

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The single-sided machines in the EDGETEQ S-810 series are ideal for flexible furniture part production up to batch size 1. These machines offer the flexibility for different system concepts to be set up, i.e. a concept that prioritizes precise results, a specific productivity level or a defined performance level per shift. Simply choose the units that suit your individual production needs from our tried-and-tested range of modules.
(Edge banding and combination machines K 610: Individual equipment

Zero-joint technology creates a flawless look
Workpiece feed systems automatically and precisely guide your workpieces to the EDGETEQ S-810 – and this applies to workpieces that have already been cut in parallel at a precise angle to a raw fixed dimension as well as workpieces that do not feature a parallel, angle-specific cut
High productivity level resulting from the ability to switch between two workpieces at a gap of as little as 400 mm
Excellent performance level during edge banding thanks to rapid profile changeovers with the help of servo axes
Rapid operation and programming plus operating reliability for inputting information thanks to the intuitive powerTouch control system
Maximum flexibility when equipping units to ensure that the right solution is available for your work
The high level of availability thanks to the robust design provides an increased output

Technology Highlights
The machines in the KAL 610 series (profiLine and powerLine) are used for edging and post-processing preformatted workpieces with raw fixed edges
The machines in the KFL 610 series (profiLine and powerLine) are used for formatting, edging and post-processing workpieces
Wide variety of edging materials: Efficient processing is achieved by selecting gluing units with several edging feeds
The grooving unit with automatic tool changer enables excellent groove variation
All commercially available edging types can be processed with the HOMAG laserTec technique.
Under patent law in Germany only usable with Rehau edge! 
Compatible transport equipment enables easy workpiece handling in a way that protects the material
Low energy costs plus material savings with ecoPlus