Edge banding machines Ambition 1600: 8–18 m/min feed speed

A highly flexible all-rounder

These machines feature a comprehensive range of units, high feed speeds and high-performance motors. The glue application system allows you to switch easily between two colors or glue types (EVA, PU). What’s more, the multifunction profile trimming offers rapid processing of radii and longitudinal edges. For frequent material changes, the multi-stage trimming unit and multi-stage scraper can be used.

  • Flexible glue application system for easy changing of the color and glue type (EVA, PU)
  • Multifunctional profile trimming for corner rounding and flush trimming
  • Multi-stage technology for easy adjustment when changing materials
    (As standard available at the edition-model)
  • airTec unit for the perfect zero joint
    (As standard available at the airTec-model)
  • Fully automated machine for excellent flexibility and easy adjustment
    (As standard available at the Highflex-model)