Edge banding machines Ambition 2200: Feed speed 18–20 m/min

Comprehensive equipment standard with and without empty slot

The single-sided Ambition 2200 models offer precise gluing and perfect post-processing of edges. PU and airTec can be used if required. With a feed rate of up to 20 m/min, the edge banding machines provide optimum productivity for woodworking shops. Automation and further functionality can be added on an individual basis.

  • Four models: Ambition 2270/2280/2274/2284
  • Processing of rolls of material up to 3 mm and solid strips up to 20 mm
  • The finishing unit at the outfeed removes any glue residue and ensures the edges grip well

  • Zero-joint technology with HOMAG airTec can be used
  • Automatic setup for different profiles
  • Workpiece returns from the BOOMERANG® series provide the ideal addition to the Ambition series

    Pre-installation for the models: TFU 120, TFU 140
    Integration into the HOMAG control system: TFU 521 edition

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