Edge banding machines EDGETEQ D-600 | D-610 profiLine

High-performance machines offering compact to tailored solutions

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With the EDGETEQ D-600 | EDGETEQ D-610 profiLine series, you can format, profile and edge your furniture workpieces on two sides in a single run. Double-sided machines and machine lines are traditionally used to produce medium to large series at a high performance level with few changeovers.
(Edge banding and combination machines K 520 optimat and profiLine)
A perfect workpiece aesthetic is produced as a result of precise edge processing
Vibration-free procedures with optimum trimming patterns are enabled by the enclosed frame design
Flexibility for edge banding is offered by the use of hot melt glue, PU or zero-joint technology
Optimized chip and offcut disposal enable excellent machine availability and service life

Technology Highlights
High efficiency as workpieces are processed on 4 sides in just 2 passes
I-Tools direct chips away from the tool blades and dispose of the waste at a low suction speed but with a detection rate of over 97%