Edge banding machines EDGETEQ S-300: 14 m/min feed speed

The high-performance mid-range solution

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Is your entry-level machine stretched to its limits? Then it is time to take the next step with these machines. They feature multi-level technology for automated processing of different profiles, as well as a grooving unit or the latest zero joint technology offered by the airTec unit. The high level of automation of the units ensures short setup times and optimum ease of use.
(Edge banding machines Ambition 1400: 14 m/min feed speed)
8 different models to meet every requirement
From manual adjustment to full automation
Intuitive operation – innovative powerTouch control system
Highly flexible configuration

Technology Highlights
Multifunctional profile trimming unit for corner rounding and flush trimming
Short setup times thanks to pneumatic adjustment of the units
Multi-stage technology for highly flexible use with changing materials
(As standard available at the edition-model)
Zero joints with airTec for optimum joint-free finish
(As standard available at the airTec-model)