Edge banding machines EDGETEQ S-500 models 2600: Feed speed ­16–30 m/min

Designed for producing fully assembled structures

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The single-sided EDGETEQ S-500 models 2600 offer precise gluing and perfect post-processing of edges. The feed rate of max. 30 m/min (on the model 2671) allows the edge banding machines to achieve a high level of productivity. Automation (model 2671) and further functionality can be added on an individual basis.
(Edge banding machines Ambition 2600: Feed speed ­16–30 m/min)

Flexibility with regard to material options – processing of melamine, PVC and veneer (roller) and also solid wood strips on the models 2660/2670
Precise workpiece guide – belt-type top pressure unit made from steel
Controlled chip removal – trimming tools with I system
Intuitive operation – innovative powerTouch control system
Rounding of veneer edges without tearing – four-motor profile trimming unit (model 2671)
Seams on solid wood edges – using the grooving unit plus solid wood package (model 2670)

Technology Highlights
Three models: 2660/2670/2671
Processing of rolls of material up to 3 mm
Processing of solid strips up to 20 mm (models 2660/2670)
The finishing unit at the outfeed removes any glue residue and ensures the edges grip well (model 2671)
Automatic setup for different profiles (model 2671)
Workpiece returns from the LOOPTEQ series provide the ideal addition to the Ambition series 
    Pre-installation for the models: LOOPTEQ O-200, LOOPTEQ O-300
    Integration into the HOMAG control system: LOOPTEQ O-600 Edition
Low energy costs plus material savings with ecoPlus