Edge circulation unit LOOPTEQ C-300

Professional format and edge processing

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The dynamic edge circulation unit is the matching solution for a highly efficient format and edge processing. Thus the LOOPTEQ C-300 provides the prerequisite for a flexible furniture production whether in series or as production in batch size 1.
(Edge circulation unit TFU 720)

High performance ratio du to continuous, true-to-cycle infeed
Low personal need due to automated circulation
High repetition exactitude in positioning of panels
Low machine height
Standardized, ergonomic operation
Damages in panels are virtually excluded
Operating machines may produce with maximum performance

Technology Highlights
The LOOPTEQ C-300 perfectly harmonizes in size, capacity and speed with HOMAG Group’s format and edge banding lines
Fluent processes, as the operating machines connected to the circulation unit may produce automated
Variable positioning of workpieces in longitudinal or crosswise direction due to rotation in -90°, +90° and 180°
High drive dynamic with only 0.4 seconds per lifting movement and 1.3 seconds for 90° rotations
The space need for transport and displacing of workpieces is reduced to a minimum