Edge circulation unit LOOPTEQ C-500

More cycles for more capacity

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The fully automatic edge circulation unit LOOPTEQ C-500 multiply the efficiency in the format and edge processing. Precision and repeating accuracy on high availability and process safety are being improved.
(Edge circulation unit TFU 820)

Flexibility and a high automation degree thanks to numerous possibilities for feeding and stacking of workpieces
High performance and positioning accuracy of parts due to portal design with a highly precise linear guideway
High performance ratio du to continuous, true-to-cycle infeed
Operating machines may produce with maximum performance
Low personal need due to automated circulation

Technology Highlights
The LOOPTEQ C-500 perfectly harmonizes in size, capacity, and speed with HOMAG Group’s format and edge banding lines
The operating machines connected to the circulation unit like format and edge processing may produce automated
Maximum repetition exactitude in pick up, deposit and transport of workpieces
Variable positioning of workpieces in longitudinal or crosswise direction due to rotation in -90°, +90° and 180°
Safe transport with effective space use
Damages in panels are virtually excluded