1. CNC Nesting machine with AL + UL, is suitable for batch size one production mode.
  2. The cutting size 4*9, 4*8. 6*8 and 7*9 can be done by other models.
  3. The CNC is equipped with big power, high rotating speed, air cooling main spindle with ATC and independently control drilling block.
  4. Full function: auto loading, labeling, milling, drilling and auto uploading.
  5. Effective docking with the intelligent logistics system, stereoscopic warehouse, planar warehouse, etc. to form a material opening workstation, realize intelligent production (optional).
  6. Seamless joint with the design software, optimization software, MES(optional), realize machining informatization.
  7. Equipped with professional optimization software, realize abnormal occlusion composition, improve 3% – 5% panel utilization.

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