Panel dividing saw HKL 300

Rip and cross cuts in one pass: this saw is an excellent solution for volume production involving cutting panels in books.


The HKL 300 angular saw unit is the top model of the 3 series – designed for high volumes and maximum precision in continuous operation. It caters for the needs of industrial-scale manufacturers. The system cuts entire books of panels as accurately as it does single panels. Fully automatically and with long-term reliability.

  • Patented dustEx technology: combination air jets transport dust and chips specifically towards the right-angled fence – protects the material from damage
  • Maintenance-free lifting table for automatic feeding from the rear
  • Central side pressure device: integrated directly in the saw carriage for short cycle times
  • Control software CADmatic 5

    – Intuitively understandable
    – Full HD widescreen multi-touch monitor
    – Harmonized user interface powerTouch
    – 3D real-time process graphic
    – Graphically supported diagnostics