Planing and Moulding MOULDTEQ M-300 series

Prepared for the future

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With the MOULDTEQ M-300 the times of the push buttons are over. The planer combines state-of-the-art technology with solid mechanical engineering. In this way, you get intuitive machine operation and maximum quality in one machine and you will be optimally prepared for the future.
(Planing and Moulding LPP 300 series)

Flexibility thanks to variable feed and variable spindle speed
Intuitive machine operation via powerTouch
Quick set-up with proLock spindle clamping system
High precision due to cast iron frame
Ideal power transmission, as each spindle is driven by its own motor

Technology Highlights
Ergonomic remote control
For quick and automatic adjustment of selected spindles
HOMAG powerTouch
Ease of use of the next generation
from 300 mm length onwards
Axial adjustment
Range up to 75 mm