Postforming machines EDGETEQ S-800: One machine – five processing stations

Pre-coated panel in – postforming part out.

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A postforming process provides the surface and edge of a workpiece with a continuous laminate coating for optimum protection. This technology is ideal for any application involving mechanical, thermal and chemical stress or moisture. Only one machine is needed, as the panels processed to produce postforming elements are already fully coated.
(Postforming machines VF 610: One machine — five processing stations)

Excellent protection for edges and surfaces
Flawless appearance thanks to a joint-free finish on all visible areas of furniture elements
High level of flexibility, since a wide range of postforming surface materials can be used with film and direct coating (melamine/CPL)
Faster, easier and more cost effective, as five processing steps—laminate trimming, glue application, activation, bending and post-processing—are performed on one machine

Technology Highlights
Postforming sizing unit for trimming excess laminate
Postforming units for scoring and smoothing when processing surfaces of U-profiles
Glue application with nozzles
Side glue application with roller
Individually adjustable heaters for the thermal preparation of the laminate for shaping
Pressure zone for shaping the laminate and pressing into the shape of the carrier material