Processing centers CENTATEQ P-300

Attractive package prices from the tried and tested CENTATEQ P-300 kit for your desired machine.

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Excellent price-performance ratio – CENTATEQ processing centers offer individuality at stand-ard prices. Superior technology and an individual setup for optimum efficiency in your manu-facturing processes. Take your pick from the modules in the CENTATEQ P-300 series and benefit from one of our attractively priced packages.
(Processing centers BMG 300 Venture BMG311)

Easily configure the ideal machine to meet your requirements and enjoy savings on our CENTATEQ equipment packages
Optimum view into the machine during processing
Professional equipment at entry-level prices
Flexible expansion options to meet future challenges

Technology Highlights
Heavy-duty machine frame and stable sliding gantry design
Bumper safety technology with dynamic pendulum field
Rapid processing thanks to separate Z axes for spindle and drill head
Flexible use of units and gluing units thanks to 4-axis spindles with interpolating C axis or 5-axis trimming spindles with patented unit interfaces
Easy access to processing units and edge magazine from the front
Optimum view into the machine during processing