Return conveyor LOOPTEQ O-500

Controlled material flow with high capacity

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Stacking unit and return conveyor combined in one machine. The high automation degree makes the LOOPTEQ O-600 a real multi-talent. Finished workpieces can be fed out or stacked. The LOOPTEQ O-600 is best suited for customers with high material variety and a production with high automation degree.
(Return conveyor BOOMERANG® TFU 520)

Low quality costs – gentle handling via vacuum traverse
Flexible operator organization – thanks to economic one-man operation
Ergonomic working process – operator will be released from heavy physical work
Intelligent automation – interlinked material flow with high capacity
Efficiency increase – defined rotation for process optimized panel return

Technology Highlights
The LOOPTEQ O-600 perfectly harmonizes in size, capacity, and speed with HOMAG Group‘s unilateral edge banding machines
Up to 2 destacking places are optional possible, depending on requirements
High performance and an improved positioning accuracy thanks to a highly precise linear guideway 
Higher dynamics and a smoother running due to an electronically controlled z-axis
Automatic turning of the parts (0°,+/- 90°, 180°)
Stacking without pit, no lifting table, no hydraulics neccesary
Simple belt cleaning equipment is already included in the standard
Energy savings of up to 30% thanks to a new electric drive of the z-axis