Robotic Insert Station PAQBOT I-300

Insert station with robot for automatic filling of cardboard-boxes

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The safe robot handling works with a very high repeatability on continuous speed – and that space saving. Where elsewhere employees lay workpieces into passing cardboards at a transport distance in monotonous movements, here, the insert station plays its full strength. The perfect solution for anyone who packs furniture parts.
(Robotic Insert Station VRE 200)

Fast, dynamic, and easy to integrate into the running operation
Perfectly between cardboard folding machine and carton closure machine
VRE can be integrated into almost every packaging concept
Availabilities of nearly 100%
Personnel will be released from monotonous work

Technology Highlights
Almost identical repeating accuracy
Sensor system reports exact position of the carton to the robot
Insertion of individual parts into carton with up to 10 cycles
No pit needed