Sorting line

Gentle material transport without suction technology

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Chaotically arriving part streams are automatically buffered, newly arranged, and provided in sorted order by the sorting line. Idle times are virtually excluded.
(Sorting line)

Material flow without searching times and with high transparency
Optimum sorting order without idle times
High availability and process safety
Performance of the collating unit is optimally adjusted according to the amount of the material flow
High flexible order succession by means of single access

Technology Highlights
Fully visualized panel management through the whole production process
Components can be sorted according to different factors, such as e.g. color, form, material, etc.
All sheds in the buffer are registered in the control
Lifting elements work synchronously, if needed, e.g. with large panels
Infeed and outfeed transports work independently of one another
Efficient energy consumption due to autonomic working rack feeder